I have engaged Christie Carmody as a seller and as a buyer, both times during the last couple of years in a very tough and complicated real estate market.

As sellers, she helped us navigate the complex process to get our single family home in Andersonville ready to be put on the market, including an extensive market analysis helping us to price our home appropriately and to get top dollar.  She also made sure our home was ready to put its best foot forward with staging ideas, furniture placement and with terrific professional photos with which she developed marketing tools and for the MLS listing.  Through the selling process she was communicative, a good listener, very professionally prepared, always available and responsive.  The end result was more than we hoped for.  The closing happend on time and smoothly because of her attention to detail and her knowledge of how to juggle a million moving parts, most coming from our friends at the bank!  Did I say friends?  Not!!!  

As buyers, she helped us articulate ever more clearly our purchase goals and narrowed our showings to listings that were in line with our desires, wasting nobody's time.  Once we had an agreement in place for the purchase (boy, can she negotiate!), she continued to help us navigate the horrific financing process with banks, appraisers, underwriters and inspectors - as you may know, everything has changed recently and not to anyone's advantage (buyer OR seller).  And this is where Christie brings the most value.  She was our advocate at every transaction point, giving counsel and providing confidence that the deal would get done.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that her role was central to the success of both our sale and our purchase.  You can't go wrong engaging Christie as your real estate agent for both selling your home or purchasing your next or first home.

Joseph S. - 2/1/12

My partner and I decided to take the plunge and buy our first condo last September. We asked a few friends and got a couple of GLOWING recommendations for Christie. So, we met with her. She came to our place and had a very thorough packet/presentation for us. Within 10 minutes, we knew we were in very good hands. Christie not only listened to all of our criteria and showed us a great range of condos, she recommended a mortgage broker, inspector, and lawyer to help us along. All of her recommendations were fantastic. We couldn't have been happier with her, and we absolutely love our new home in Andersonville. Also, we only had 2 months to finalize as our lease was expiring, so she worked hard and fast to accommodate us. Oh yeah, she even fought HARD to get the best price for us, even though the higher the selling price would be, she'd get a better commission obviously. When negotiations got down to a $5,000 difference, we were ready to accept. She assured us that she could get the sellers down that last $5,000. And she did! You will be in extremely capable hands with Christie. Trust.

Darin G. - 8/19/11

In the spirit of full disclosure, Christie and her husband are friends of mine.   She also helped me find a beautiful cost-effective condo in the West Loop.

Having said that, I referred newlyweds I know to Christie to help them find their first home in the U.S, in Ravenswood.  It was such a great experience for them, they have since referred her to several other people, including another couple we know--whose home in Lincoln Square is now their pride and joy.  

Both of those couples have now referred her to other friends--and to their FAMILIES.  Now you know Christie must be good if people are referring her to their family members--'cause you know how crazy your family will make you if she wasn't amazing :-).

Christie is the perfect combination of knowledge--about neighborhoods, builders, structure, buying/selling process and finance (she is a Certified Financial Planner too); communication skills--listening and negotiating, in addition to describing in easy-to-understand English about how everything works; and networked professional--plugged into the best inspectors and mortgage sources.  

You couldn't be in better hands!

Catherine D. - 1/8/11

As a home inspector who has worked with literally thousands of R. E. agents, I have to say  that Christie is one of a very very small group of agents that I would be thrilled to refer to a family member. 

I often get creeped out listening to the mindless palaver of the typical real estate agent. The endless cheerleading and exaggerations make my skin crawl. Christie is the total opposite of the glitzy phony female agent. Her advice to her clients is always pertinent, insightful, and valuable. 

I vividly recall listening to Christie while she chatted with the developer of the property we were going to inspect.  I sat in awe while she discussed the finer points of the development, features, square footage, layout,  pricing, etc.  It gave me a brand new appreciation for the skills that some agents can bring to bear in a purchase transaction. 

In my dozen or so years inspecting homes in Chicago I have only seen a dozen or so agents who are in her class. She is top notch in her field.

Daniel C. - 10/21/09

Christie Carmody is the best realtor ever. I would challenge you to find someone more talented, but you couldnt....

To say I was nervous about buying my first place would be a gross understatement.

But that didnt phase Christie at all. Even when I gave her a "list" of what I wanted in a place, and what I would not compromise on. That ,and it had to be in my price range.  Im sure it was a challenge, but she never let on.

From the moment I met her I felt completely at ease. She is so well educated about every facet of the entire process. You can trust her to give you an honest answer, even if it isnt what you might want to hear.

Buying a home can be extremely intimidating, (especially the first time)you have no idea what to expect. 

Every step of the process was simple with Christie. 

Simply stated, she rocks.

Estelle H. - 8/26/09

Looking for a house without Christie is like trying to find a hotel in a sketchy foreign city without a map when you don't speak the language and are dressed like a ho. DON'T DO IT. 

I have to outline the ways that I am grateful for this woman, because there are just too many to put into one review:

1) Viewing homes
Christie was brutally honest and extremely knowledgable when it came to touring properties. She noticed things that my partner and I never  would of thought of, and she had amazing insight regarding resale value and the current worth of the property. She read our preferences extremely well, and very quickly got a sense for what we were looking for. (Which is impressive, considering we were all over the place with locations at first.)

2) Sense of humor
Christie is hilarious. I've never once felt stressed about the entire process. (OK, once, but she quickly calmed me down.) It was actually fun! Partially because I knew I was in great hands and that she would alert me if I really had anything to worry about. But also because Christie approached everything with a "we can do it" attitude and a funny-because-it's-true comment when a place was obviously not for us.

3) Negotiation MASTER
We found our dream place. I couldn't live without it. I still didn't want to pay the asking price. Christie was amazing at advising us to what first offer we should put out, what second offer to set, and what we'd finally need to compromise at. I suck at bargaining, so this alone made her worth hiring.

4) Responsive
I'm impatient. As in, "I e-mailed you five minutes ago, why haven't I heard back?!" impatient. So for me to call someone responsive is to mean that the person reads my mind. Christie's pretty darn responsive. I never had to wait more than a few hours for a response. Holy cow that's good. Honestly, I worry about her personal life considering she regularly answered my calls late at night and on weekends. 

5) Guidance after the process.
After you find a place you want, there are innumerable processes that make you want to gouge your eyes out and scream "Can't I just give you my life savings and be done with it?!?!?!" Christie guided us through every single step. The inspector she referred was meticulously thorough and accurate.  She made sure the attorney review period, inspection negotiation, etc., was all done on time and fairly--giving us her opinion when she knew we were inexperienced. I never once had to ask, "OK, what's next?" She always let me know in advance what to expect and what I had to do.

Bottom line: Christie = perfect home, painless process.

Amy R. - 7/15/09
Christie Carmody
Christie Carmody
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